Hello and thanks for stopping by Cover Lovers today!  I have created this blog because I truly love finding unique renditions of my favorite songs, and I have a feeling I’m not the only one that enjoys making these discoveries.  I want to share my findings with you!

Let me give you a little bit of an insiders look into my daily life as a “Cover Lover”…..  Sometimes this choice of music can be a lonely lifestyle.  Most of my music savvy friends think I’m a total nerd when I pull out my phone and say I just heard this awesome song, and I bet you haven’t heard it (I know that they’ve heard the original).  They ask “What’s the name of it?”  And I’ll reply with the name of a popular song that everyone has surely heard before.  This is followed by them giving me eye rolls and sighs.  Their comeback is always something along the lines of  “EVERYONE has heard that song before” or  “Get with the times, that’s old news.”   I just brush off their disinterest and hit that play button anyways.

(fabulous song starts playing)

Well, well, well…… Guess this “Cover Lover” DID find a song that was such a unique variation to the original that you can’t help but listen to it!

This blog is not only to assist others like me who love cover songs find new renditions, but to also introduce and open the minds of the people in this world who think cover songs are for nerds.

“Cover Lovers” follow me, invite your friends, and together we’ll make the world a more musical place!