Fiddling Fireworks

Hello Cover Lovers!

Before I jump into the song I’m sharing today, I want to clarify something about the title of this post.  I played the violin/fiddle for years when I was younger.  A fiddle and a violin are the same instrument, just a different style of music.  Now the cover song I’m sharing today is using more of a classical violin technique, but “Fiddle” fit better with the title.  Now that we’ve addressed that topic so we can avoid any unnecessary focus on the the petty details, let’s get down to the real business.  AWESOME COVER SONGS!

Today’s cover song is by violinist Peter Lee Johnson.  He takes the pop song “Firework” originally by Katy Perry and turns it into a graceful, yet powerful piece.  I stumbled across this song because a friend of mine that is a dance teacher was looking for some new music she could use in her ballet classes so that her students weren’t bored with the same ole’ classical piano music.  This song was a winner!  Listen to Peter’s amazing talents below.

Please Comment and Happy Listening Cover Lovers!


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