Don’t Buy A Chandelier..Unless You’ve Got A Ceiling

Mama once told me…. “Don’t buy a chandelier unless you’ve got a ceiling”… Now, I don’t know what that’s about… But, I can sure tell you that I love that great Sia song called “Chandelier”.

By the way Cover Lovers, I would be completely impressed if you could tell me what musical that first line is from.  Leave your guess in the comments.

By now you have figured out that today’s cover song is a rendition of Sia’s “Chandelier”, but what artist did I choose to feature??  Her name is Liza Owen, and she just might have my new favorite voice to listen to!  Liza chose to take a piano arrangement of the song and really feature her vocals with it.  It truly sounds great!

Take a quick listen to Liza Owen’s rendition and let me know what you think of it.  You can also check out more of Liza’s music on YouTube.  I hope you have a great day Cover Lovers!

YouTube: Liza Owen
Facebook: Liza Owen Offical
Twitter: @iamlizaowen


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