Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Hey, Hey, Hey Cover Lovers!  Guess what?!  I found another holiday that I bet you didn’t know existed….  National Dance Like A Chicken Day!  YAY!  When I found this holiday online my first thought was “Oooh, I could find a cover of The Chicken Dance”, my second thought was of an experience I had on my 17th birthday involving a chicken…..  If you’d like to hear about that life event let me know in the comments below.  On to the music…..

Everyone, young and old has heard “The Chicken Dance”, but I’m pretty sure everyone is  listening to cover versions of it.  I mean seriously, do you know who composed the original Chicken Dance???  In case you are wondering it was composed by Werner Thomas in 1950, and in the 1970’s they released version that started the craze.

The version I chose for our song of the day is by Joey Muha.  He is a drummer, so obviously this is a drum arrangement of the song.  I never thought the drums could sound so good!  Joey has lots of social media options, so be sure to connect with him.

It’s time for you to listen, dance, and enjoy Cover Lovers!  Click that follow button so you never miss a post!

YouTube: Joey Muha
Twitter: @JoeyMuha
Facebook: Joey Muha



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