How Superstitious Are You?

Hey Cover Lovers!  It’s Friday the 13th, anyone superstitious?  Comment below about what superstitions you believe in.  I am in fact a superstitious person, but the craziest superstition I have ever heard was “Bird Poop = Riches”.  I am not joking about this, I was watching a YouTube video about superstitions and they said that there are people in the world that believe if a bird poops on you, your car, etc that it’s good luck and will bring you riches.  The more birds, the more riches.  I personally don’t want money bad enough to let a bird poop on me!

Alright enough about bird poop!  Let’s get to the music!  Since it is Friday the 13th I chose a song all about superstitions.  That’s right, what other song than Stevie Wonders “Superstition” would be perfect for today?!

Take a listen to this metal version of “Superstition” Cover Lovers.  It is by Leo Moracchioli with Frog Leap Studios.  There are tons of videos on Frog Leap’s YouTube channel so be sure to check them out.

Hope you enjoy!

Wait!  Before you leave I want to share one more superstition.  I heard that it’s bad luck if you don’t follow a blogger after reading their post.  Better hit that follow button to be on the safe side.


YouTube: Frog Leap Studios
Twitter: @FrogLeapStudios
Website: Frog Leap Studios
Facebook: Frog Leap Studios





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