Curvy Is The New Sexy

Thanks for stopping by Cover Lovers!  Today I found the absolute cutest duet, and if these 2 aren’t already together they would be the most darling pair!  Our cover song today is that ever-so-popular Meghan Trainor song, “All About That Bass” and it’s being performed by two talented young artists.  They call themselves The Girl And The Dreamcatcher.  Maybe you’ve seen them on YouTube before.

Their arrangement is super fun right from the beginning.  They start by doing a build of adding their “instruments” to the music.  And then, she starts singing….  But, not exactly in the rhythm we are used to hearing with this song.  She has taken a syncopated approach to the lyrics, and it works!

I included the link to their YouTube and Twitter accounts below the video, so make sure to head over and show them some love.  If you’re in a really giving mood today, we’d like some love too.  Could you leave us a comment to let us know that you appreciate the songs we bring to you here at Cover Lovers?

Enjoy the today’s song and we’ll be back with another soon!  If you hit that follow button you’ll never miss our new posts!

YouTube: The Girl And The Dreamcatcher
Twitter: @tgatdc


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