Have We Met Before?

It’s Friday, and I think I found another song that my Cover Lovers are going to love!  

So I was inspired to choose this song as the cover of the day, because I ran into an ex-boyfriend.  When I caught a glimpse of him I  thought to myself, ” geez, there’s somebody that I used to know”.  Once I dealt with my feelings nostalgia, I started searching for a good cover song of that Gotye hit.

With the fuzzy feeling that I was having after seeing this person, I was in the mood for something instrumental.  I didn’t want somebody’s vocals interrupting my thoughts.

Success!  I came across the group called Stringspace.  I really like the arrangement of “Somebody I Used To Know” that they put together.  Click that video below, listen for yourself, and please share your thoughts about it!

YouTube: Stringspace Live
Website: Stringspace
Facebook: Stringspace


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