Funkiest Uptown Funk

 Goooood Morning Cover Lovers!!!!  Hope you’re having a good Thursday.  Has anything strange or weird happened to you today? No? Well it’s about to get weird so prepare yourself!

Did you know that the accordion still exists?  And get this, people still play it!!! It’s not just sitting in your great grandmas attic gathering dust…  That’s not as weird as it gets though.  The weirdest thing of all is that you’re actually going to like hearing it!  (Twilight Zone theme song starts playing)

Today’s cover is of a young man playing one of our favorite songs from 2015 on the accordion.  If the title of this post didn’t tip you off already, the song of the day is “Uptown Funk” originally performed by Bruno Mars.  As odd of a combination as this sounds like, I think you just might get a kick out of it.

Take a listen, and leave your thoughts in the comments section.  Don’t forget to hit the follow button so you never miss a post! 

YouTube: Olavsky
Facebook: itsolavsky


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