Polka Dots, Ukuleles, And Mash-Ups.. OH MY!

Hey Cover Lovers, we’re giving this Mash-Up Monday thing another go!  If you dig this theme for Monday’s you’ve got to let me know in that comment section!

Today I’m sharing this neat arrangement by Mackenzie Johnson.  She calls it the “Ultimate Pop Medley”.  Before we get into the music though I have to say something important… This girl has got some style to go with that voice and creativity!

So her mash-up is completely done on the ukulele, and features great songs by artists like Meghan Trainor, Walk The Moon, Rihanna, Nick Jonas, and Taylor Swift!  She starts out soft and sweet with a intro about her “Future Husband” and finishes strong by “Thinking Out Loud” about how splendid this mash-up is!

No more talking, time to get listening Cover Lovers!  Head over to Mackenzie Johnson’s social pages to check out her other music.  While you’re showing her some love could you support the Cover Lover’s page and hit that follow button?


YouTube: Mackenzie Johnson
Twitter: @KenzieMusic26
Facebook: Mackenzie Johnson


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