HELP!!! I Have A Problem….

Cover Lovers!

I have a problem!!!  I can’t stop listening to today’s featured artist!

So maybe you have already come across these very entertaining videos, but I just recently found them and needed to share.  I’m talking about the creator of the channel on YouTube called Ten Second Songs.   The musicality this man possesses is so unbelievable to me.  Dude’s got talent!

For those of you that haven’t found the Ten Second Songs channel yet, let me explain.  This long haired guy that looks a little like Jesus takes popular songs that we all know and love.  He then creates this mash-up of 10 second snippets of that song being performed in different styles of music.  It is really awesome!

As I’m listening to them, I find myself drifting into thought wondering how a person comes up with soooo many variations to one song.  Take it one step farther…. He does all of the styles himself!

After you hear today’s cover song which is “Problem” originally performed by Ariana Grande you are going to want to stop by his social pages and see the other work this dude has got uploaded.  You will not be disappointed!

Alright Cover Lovers, have fun listening to Ten Second Songs and hit that follow button!

YouTube: Ten Second Songs
Twitter: @TenSecondSongs
Facebook: Ten Second Songs


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