Why Does She Stay With Him?!

It’s Friday Cover Lovers!  The end of another work week!  Got any big weekend plans?  Comment and share what the highlight of your week was before you leave this post!

Nobody was prepared back in 1998 for the female pop icon craze that “Baby One More Time” would start after the Madonna wave of the 80’s and early 90’s faded out.  Not only did it sky rocket Britney Spears to the top, but it also paved the way for Christina Aguilera, Pink, and even artists like Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga!

I chose to search for a cover of the song that started it all.  “Baby One More Time”, but you know it’s got to be different and unique to make it on here.  I’m pretty confident that this rendition of the song hits those two categories on right on the head!

This arrangement of the song is by Breakfast At Your Place.  Their music reminds me of Johnny Cash meets Zorro.  I know you’re thinking what the hell is she talking about.  Click the play button below and you’ll completely understand.  You might even find yourself listening to this catchy rendition more than once.

Please comment with your thoughts on this rendition.  Don’t forget to hit the follow button so you never miss a post!

Enjoy listening Cover Lovers!

Website: Breakfast At Your Place
Facebook: Breakfast At Your Place
Twitter: @julienbarnu
YouTube: Breakfast At Your Place


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