Shhh…Just Watch

Cover Lovers!  Open your eyes, you don’t need your ears for this.  Today I chose a special song that I want to dedicate to the people who rely on ASL as their daily form of communication.

While a silly GIF may have got you to click on this post, it is a much more meaningful song and music genre that you’ve really stumbled upon.  (Got to love “click bait” lol.)  I chose Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” for this cover because I know the daily fight that the hearing impaired face everyday.  My own brother had to use sign language as his only form of communication for years and years.  He is very lucky, and no longer has to communicate through sign, but not everyone is that fortunate.

I highly suggest that you subscribe to The Daily Sign on YouTube after you watch this video.  The channel is really inspiring.

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