They Have Their Own Holiday?!

Bet ya don’t know what day it is Cover Lovers…. It’s New Kids On The Block Day!  No Kidding!  They have actually made April 24th, a New Kids On The Block holiday!  So in honor of this fan-tastically celebrated day, I thought the cover song that I share with you should be NKOTB related.

It was surprisingly tough to find decent covers of their songs.  Fifth Harmony had a good one, but I didn’t want to feature that because they are already well known group.  I like finding the obscure stuff.  After looking for about a hour I settled on this acoustic cover by Ernie Halter.

His voice is smooth and sexy, so be careful ladies.  Personally, I like this cover arrangement better than the original… sorry NKOTB fans.  I make this statement simple because with the original all I heard was the “Ooh ooh oh ohs”, and none of the lyrics.  Ernie’s crisp, clear vocals made me realize that New Kids On The Block had some good lyrics to go along with that style.

Below you will find Ernie Halter’s version of “The Right Stuff” originally performed by New Kids On The Block.  I hope you enjoy this acoustic rendition and check out Ernie’s social pages.  As always please share your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to follow!

Twitter: @erniehalter
YouTube: ernell42
Website: Ernie Halter


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