Billie Jean’s Gone Country

Howdy Ya’ll, thanks for stopping by today Cover Lovers!

I’m going to jump right into it!  Nobody will ever be able to do complete justice to a Michael Jackson song, but this young lady has come really, really close with her take on his popular 1983 hit by the “King Of Pop”.

Miss Madeline Bales is truly a talent to watch out for!  She took this fast paced, pop song from the early 80s called “Billie Jean” (if you haven’t heard it at some point during your life you must be living under a rock),  and she has turned it into a one of a kind country piece.

I’m not going to run on any longer… This song speaks for itself!  Click that play button Cover Lovers and enjoy!  Please leave a comment and share your thoughts about this cover.  Don’t forget to hit the follow button so you never miss a post!

YouTube: Madeline Bales
Twitter: @madzkat19
Website: Madeline Bales


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