How Strong Is Too Strong?

Hey Cover Lovers!  I was at the gym today doing my workout routine, and decided I’d use one of my older workout playlists to pump me up.  So I switched on a list I made way back in 2007.  Man, that seems like ages ago!!  Well, most of the songs on the list made me super happy to hear again.  They reminded me of the best years in my life.  And then today’s featured song came on, and I was thinking to myself “this isn’t my favorite song in the world, why haven’t I found a better arrangement of it yet?”

The song was catchy, I’ll give it that.  But, it was definitely overplayed in the area I’m from.  Since it already wasn’t my favorite song on the charts at the time, I grew tired of it pretty quickly (sorry Kanye).

Fast-Forward…  I finished my workout, headed home, and decided that I deserved to relax and surf the YouTubes.  PROBLEM!!! That damn song was going through my head!…. It must have been a sign that my next post should be about that song with the stuttering vocals by Kanye West, “Stronger”.

Well the cover I found actually made me enjoy the song.  It is a complete turn around from the original.  This is a cover by Richard Cheese.  Mr. Cheese is known for his jazz music.  YES, you read that correctly, a jazz artist has done a cover of a rap song.  Check it out below and let me know what you think of it.  I’d love to read your comments.

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