Woe, Is Me This Wednesday

Cover Lovers you may be asking why is this a “Woe, Is Me” Wednesday?  It’s a beautiful day, and life seems right-side up, but yet you were intrigued to read an article with a woeful title.  I won’t keep you questioning where this title comes from any longer.  It is the name of the cover band I’m featuring today.  This band has gone on to bigger and better things, but they were still doing covers when this song was recorded.

Well the song I found entertaining today was originally by Kesha and debuted on the charts back in 2009.  That’s right, “Tik Tok” is the song of the day!  It had that fun beat, the cool mix of singing/rapping, and made everyone want to party with Kesha.  I loved the song, as most of you probably did.  But, like most of the popular songs out there it lost steam.

Now we’re in 2016 and the hype is long gone surrounding this song, and some would say surrounding Kesha.  But, as I was listening to a Throwback Lunch segment on my favorite radio station and “Tik Tok” came on I remembered just how much I loved the song.  When this happens I usually end up going on a search for a cover to revive that old excitement in a slightly different way.

This is where Woe, Is Me comes into play…….Woe, Is Me is known for their Metal genre styled music.  Probably not my first choice of music, but this cover was undeniably entertaining.  I could still tell it was that old fave “Tik Tok”, but it was super edgy.  I guess I expected with it being a metal cover, it would be all screaming.  That’s not the case at all!  And I would kind of describe it along the lines of being Fall Out Boy-ish.

Have fun listening to this unique take on the Kesha song Cover Lovers.  I’d love to read your comments.  Please make sure to follow so you don’t miss a post!




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