He Wants All Of Me

I have another unique Cover for you Lovers!  I met John Tracy on the inter-webs (I’ll include his info below so you can get acquainted as well) about 3 weeks ago.  I would classify his style of music as country with a modern twist.

Now you all know that I like cover songs that are different.  Well, John and I started chatting back and forth on Twitter, and he sent me his unique take on a song that we all know and love.  After listening to his version of John Legend’s “All Of Me”,  I told John that I was scheduling him a featured spot on my blog.  This rendition is too out-of-the-box not to share with you.

John I think it is awesome how you took this well known song and completely made it your own.  The world has too many artists trying to fit that cookie cutter mold.  We need more brave artists like you on the scene breaking that mold.

Enjoy the song below Cover Lovers, and make sure to stop by John Tracy’s social media pages.  I’d really appreciate it if you’d hit that follow button!


Website: John Tracy
Twitter: @JohnTracyMusic



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