I’m So Stressed Out!

Hey Cover Lovers, it’s National Stress Awareness Day!

It seems that anymore the world is going 500 mph.  Nobody is ever stopping to smell the roses, smile at a stranger, or even lift their head up from their cell phone.  The song I chose to share today is a cover of “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots.  My hopes are that for the couple minutes that you are listening to this song you allow yourself to relax and enjoy the moment.

Everyone needs to make a conscious effort to reduce the stress in their lives.  Doctors on afternoon talk shows are consistently telling us how stress and our ways of coping with it have direct impact on our health.  The next time you stress out, take a moment to breathe, and tell yourself it will all be alright.

Please help spread the work about National Stress Awareness Day by sharing this post.  Everyone deserves the 4 minutes of peace that cover artist Alex Gulyan gives us with her rendition of “Stressed Out”.

Peace, Love, and Stress-Free Relaxation Cover Lovers!  Please follow and leave a comment.


YouTube: Alex Gulyan
Twitter: @AlexGulyan


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