Billion Dollar Tax Mistake?

IT’S MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR!!  April 15th! Tax Day!

Did I get you excited about the tax deadline today?  Not even a little bit?  Oh well, at least I tried.  I certainly hope that all of my Cover Lovers got those taxes done, and are relieved of that stress for another year.  Today’s song is all about how much money I wish I was getting back in my refund lol.  And I’m sure I’m not the only one wishing that!

This song is on the borderline of being a cover song.  It’s more of a mash up of 2 songs.  What makes it hard to call it a cover is because the original artist is performing his own song, but then mashes it up with other songs…. So I guess you can say half of the song is a cover.  Whatever way you look at it, it was a good musical choice made by Bruno Mars back in 2010 during a private concert.

Click the play button below, and dream about lots and lots of money.  Cover Lovers don’t forget to leave me a comment!



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