Shave And A Haircut…

Hey, Hey Cover Lovers!  Guess what day it is!!!  It’s National Barbershop Quartet Day!  Which I think is kind of funny that it’s falling on a Monday, since most barbershops are closed on Mondays…. Is that old tradition still practiced?  Either way, in honor of this very important holiday I thought we’d show some love for the men of the world that are still practicing this lost art form.

Our featured artists today call themselves Throwback.  These 4 gentlemen hit the nail on the head as far as bringing that old time harmonizing to the stage.  There is something that I think is so cool about their style.  Although the sound of the music is, shall we say dated, they are using modern day songs!

The song I chose to share with you is a cover of that great hit Garth Brooks sang to us in 1991 “Two Of A Kind, Workin’ On A Full House”.  You can tell they had so much fun performing song!  And their voices blend really well together.  I do get a smile on my face when the guy that has the little “babyface” of the group hits those bass notes.  It’s totally unexpected out of him.

Hope this puts a smile on your face and starts your week out right Cover Lovers!  Happy Listening!

Facebook: Throwback



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