Are You A Pretty Girl?

Well Cover Lovers, it’s almost 2AM and I’m feeling very awake.  Don’t you just love those sleepless nights??  Usually if I watch some TV, surf the web, read, etc I eventually fall asleep.  Tonight isn’t one of those nights.  And it’s because I can’t get this song I just found out of my head!

Now, I’m going to admit I WAS NOT a fan of the original song.  But, I was lost in a “YouTube hole” and came across this Pretty Girls thumbnail staring at me from the suggestions on the side of the page.  Normally I wouldn’t have given this song the time of day, but something caught my eye……

The title of the video said “Rock Cover”….. Hmmmmm this sounds interesting.  I was intrigued, so I clicked on the video.  For the first time ever I actually enjoyed the song “Pretty Girls” originally by Britney & Iggy.  Halocene, I tip my hat to you for turning this song into a rockin’ piece.  I can finally understand all of the words because it’s not all robotic sounding.  The fuller sound to the music was an excellent choice too!

After you check out this video and leave me a comment you should head over to Halocene’s social pages (links below) and show them some love.

Happy Listening Cover Lovers!

YouTube: Halocene
Website: Halocene
Facebook: Halocene
Twitter: @Halocene


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