Let’s Go Girls

Good Afternoon Cover Lovers!

So last night I was going out, and I was feelin’ alright for a Friday night.  I wanted to let it all hang out, with no inhibitions or conditions.  I was gussied up wearing my short skirt, a men’s shirt, and some bright red lipstick.  And I thought to myself, “Man, I Feel Like A Woman!”

So in the honor of my ladies out there I’m sharing a power anthem for all women originally performed by Shania Twain.  LET’S GO GIRLS….COME ON!  Enjoy this live cover I found of “Man, I Feel Like A Woman” by the band MissUsed.

It’s highly recommended that you find them on Social Media as well.  I was really surprised when watching their other videos at how wide of a musical variety they do.  There is truly something for everyone to enjoy with this band!

Happy Listening Cover Lovers!  I love comments!


YouTube:  MissUsed

Facebook: MissUsed


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