Corey Koehler Melts My Heart!

Howdy Cover Lovers!  I have another great song to share with you today!  Remember that song from the 80’s by Modern English?  Yea, you know the one, “Melt With You”.  Well, what if I told you I have a cover of it by a talented alt-country/folk rock singer that you absolutely need to listen to?  Wouldn’t you be stoked?!

Today’s song is just that, Corey Koehler’s version of “Melt With You”.  When I listened to this cover that Corey Koehler recorded back in day, my world definitely stopped and melted at the sound of his voice!

After listening to his rendition of “Melt With You”, I signed up for Corey’s newsletter and got 2 FREE songs!  Cover Lovers….His voice!  OMG!  It’s so crisp, and clear sounding.  And I love the fact that you can understand every lyric he sings to you.  So many artists nowadays mush all of their words together and you can’t understand ANY of it.

Girls, you’ve got to be very careful when listening to Corey’s music… He has this raspy tone that sounds like it comes from deep within his throat, completely hot!  Nailing that vocal characteristic takes him to “Rock God” status in my book!  Forget the guitar, he will be playing your heartstrings.   You have been warned!!!!

Since hearing his music I’ve started following this talented artist on Twitter and I strongly recommend you show him some love too.  His Social Media links will be at the end of this post.  Don’t forget that when you sign up for Corey’s newsletter he will send you 2 FREE songs!

As always, Happy Listening Cover Lovers!  I appreciate comments.


Follow Corey Koelher

Twitter: @planetcorey



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