National Bell Bottoms Day

Happy National Bell Bottoms Day Cover Lovers!

In honor of such a splendid little-known holiday I’d like to start by sharing Bell Bottom history with you before jumping into our music!

These wide legged pants may be a big fashion trend that comes and goes over the decades, but sailors discovered them first – because they were so practical. Bell-bottom pants were easy to roll up and keep dry when swabbing the deck on the ships. They were also fast and easy to pull off if you fell overboard and needed to swim. Who would have guessed these pants would become such a craze in the 60’s and be a hot item for men, women and kids.

Today’s song is a tribute to the Queen of the 60’s, whose flame burned out way to soon…. Janis Joplin.  I first learned about Janis when I heard the song “Mercedes Benz”.  Her voice absolutely entranced me!  I had never heard anything like it before.

I searched and searched for a good cover of this song, and most that I found were just plain weird.  I finally came across Take Two on YouTube and thought WOW these two really caught the essence of this Janis Joplin hit.  I hope you enjoy this rendition as much as I did.

Happy Listening Cover Lovers!  Please leave a comment:)


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