Easy Like Sunday Morning

Mmmmorning (yawns) Cover Lovers…. I have a confession, I am totally not a morning person.  After shamefully hitting the snooze button 2 more times than I should, I still need some good music to get my day started.  Right now I’m listening to the most appropriate song for a Sunday morning.  And of course you know it’s a cover version of this particular song.  So let’s get on with the details…

This song was originally performed in 1977 by The Commodores with front man Lionel Richie.  It was a very soulful, feel good, yet simple song that touched those who listened to it.  Have you guessed what song it is yet?  I’ll give you a hint… It’s the title of this post.

Today’s rendition of “Easy” is by Cas Haley.  While listening to his arrangement there are a few thoughts that pop into my head.  1) I get a bit of a reggae feel.   2) I hear some Jason Mraz soul.   3) Am I the only one that thinks his voice sounds like Peter Frampton?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section, and as always Happy Listening Cover Lovers!


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