Diamante Is Dynamite

Oooohh WEEEE Oh Oh Oh Oh!   OH SORRY! I didn’t see you there Cover Lovers!  I was just singing along with Rochelle Diamante’s cover of “One More Night” by Maroon 5.

I swear this tiny girl is going to be the next Christina Aguilera.  Her voice is huge, controlled, and beautiful.  It’s so great, that I just may have to post every cover song she has done.  Diamante December anyone?

For me personally I was completely in love with the first Maroon 5  album “Songs About Jane”.  The music following that was just lacking for me a little bit, until……. “One More Night” came out.  I was hooked again!  So what do I do when I like a song Cover Lovers???  I have to go find some great covers!

This was actually the first cover song I had heard by Rochelle Diamante, and I didn’t just like her music…. I was in goose-pimple city!  I highly recommend checking out her other videos on YouTube.

Please Comment and Happy Listening Cover Lovers!


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