An Explicit Message Performed By The Overtones

Good Evening Cover Lovers!  It’s story time about one of my most favorite songs ever.

The first time I ever heard Cee-lo Greens song “F**k You” I was watching a video of an American Sign Language class YouTube.  Wow, that sounds a little stranger than I meant for it to.  Anyways, I immediately liked the song and found out who the original artist was.  This song was released at a time of my life when this song really hit home and felt like a power anthem for me.  It was playing on my computer, in the car, on my iPod, and constantly going through my head.  Finally, I did what i always do… I started searching for some sweet cover arrangements.

Throughout my search I found some beat box, violin, marching band, and female versions.  My favorite version by far though is the one I’m sharing with you today.  The only thing that could make this arrangement better is if it were full length.

Without further ado, click on the link below to listen to these London lads that call themselves The Overtones.  This is their acapella version of Ceelo Green’s “F**k You”.  Their voices blend so well together.  Not only do these men have great voices, they are totally cute too!

Please Comment Below and Happy Listening Cover Lovers!


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